The Meaning Foundation

About The Meaning Foundation

We transform the lives of individuals and their families by breaking down barriers to employment, empowering them to see a vision of who they can become, and aligning them with a directionality of purpose that enables survival and encourages thriving. We are committed to the pursuit of meaning and directionality of purpose for enterprise employers, human service organizations, and marginalized populations.

We serve individuals and communities who face barriers to meaningful employment for any reason or circumstance. For example, those who have previously been incarcerated, those who are recovering from addiction or trauma, the homeless, and others. We see the unique contributions that these populations provide to potential employers and believe that individuals should be given the chance to thrive because of their past circumstances, not in spite of them.

There are two pillars which focus our work: meaningful employment and directionality of purpose. Meaning is a biological reality that guides and motivates us, and it is at the heart of surviving and thriving. It is the thread that connects our past and present and enables us to project ourselves into the future. In moments of meaninglessness, we lack belief in ourselves and we lose directionality of purpose. Directionality of purpose is established when there is alignment between “who you were,” “who you will believe you will become,” and “who you are.” It allows us to understand our past experiences, stand strongly in the present, and have goals for the future.

Our dual facing coaching programs and curriculum ensure that enterprise organizations, human service organizations, and marginalized populations can discover, create, and align themselves with meaningful purpose.

The Meaning Foundation is a powerful team of gifted individuals who truly believe in the mission. Jose Osuna, in his role as Chief Mission Officer, is responsible for developing partnerships with government agencies and Human Service Organizations while leading on workforce development and training. Dr. Cory Reich, Ph.D. and Dr. MaryCatherine McDonald are bringing their extensive background, research, and experience in human development to build and implement our meaning based coaching methodology and framework. For more information on our team, or to speak with any of us directly, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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