Keynotes/Motivational Speaking


From the perspective of being an expert consultant on street, prison & gang culture in the  nonprofit sector, to workshops and presentations from an approach based in lived and professional experience, Osuna Consulting welcomes the opportunity to add a unique subject matter expert to your conference or organization.


We address college audiences and provide the college student an opportunity to see the offender as a human being that for reasons known only to them, commits criminal acts over and over. Most importantly, we give the audience community based solutions to this huge social problem that has infected many parts of our country.


We also provide presentations for juveniles and adults who are incarcerated. Our presentations are designed to provide a window of hope for those who have none and give incarcerated folks an opportunity to see the trans-formative power of education in someone who has lived their type of lifestyle and lived to talk about it.

Our personal backgrounds, as well as our life experiences while working in the trenches with community-based organizations and school districts, make Osuna Consulting uniquely qualified to provide valuable insights, strategies and services for addressing reentry, youth violence, the school to prison pipeline, gang involvement, and much more.

Fees are negotiable, please contact us for more information: